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MagicJack: (702) 347-3943 w/voicemail.

Current Subdomains: - A list of resources handy for people who reside in Las Vegas or people considering moving to Las Vegas. (9.27.17) - Material to inspire and teach people how to draw. (12.9.15) - A collection of information for people to learn how to care for themselves - (1.10.15) - A focus on contemporary literature that I am following. (11.28.15) - A brief guide to the games I have found worth playing in the last 25 years. (7.19.15) - Multimedia worth following on the internet. (8.4.15) - A repository of old photos from before the digital era. (7.19.15) - Some current styles I'm developing. (5.7.16) - Humorous stuff from the internet (11.22.15)